Which is better in wii,xbox 360ps3?

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    Which is better in wii,xbox 360&ps3?

    i want to buy a gaming console.my choices are

    e3 flash

    ,ps3 move, x360 key usb ,Wii.which is better in controlling & controller,in having a lot of games and will get more games(mainly spiderman). x360 key

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    1. My friend’s Xbox 360 got the RRoD on the exact date of Xbox 360’s release. I thought it was kind of funny myself. But back to the story. His Xbox is actually My old Xbox 360 that I had apart for several spring cleanings. There were spots where one could see spots where I glued more powerful Exhaust fans on the back of it which was dumb and I wound up removing from it soon after I did it.

      I was smart though, I always blew dried and razored off the Warranty sticker before taking it back. Since it was in my name I was the one that sent it back in. Microsoft still supplied a replacement console! (I had the old serial number written down and compared it the new one). This may be a small achievement. But it still feels pretty cool I got away with that.

      usb x360key usb x360key usb x360key

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Prikaz 2 prispevkov - od 1 do 2 (od skupno 2)
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