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    A je še kdo tako nesmiselno zmatran kt jest? Zdej par dni mam trenutke take utrujenosti da tud opisat ne znam. Sem poln vitaminov in mineralov, delam sungazing (35 min) diham svež zrak, jem vege hrano, pijem sončeno vodo ki jo nalijem še v informiran kozarec,… ampak na momente sem tako zmatran da se komaj v pojstlo zavlečem in 15 min spim kot utrgan Shocked. To ne štejem med pomladansko utrujenost. Mejbi sonce pa nevihta pa to kej vpliva…al pa hm..bemtiš še ena druga terapija poteka lihkar.Embarrassed

    Danes sem po enmu letu spil kavo in še eno energijsko pijačo Burn al neki tazga…pa sem na speedu in utrujen hkrati LOL..kar v glavi se mi vrti..ma ne omotica…skratka najraj bi se zvrnu po tleh pa ležal tam.

    Moram pa reč, da sem psiho-emocialno zelo pozitivno-stabilno naštelan.

    ozelot2012-03-13 12:27:36

    Lepo je če deliš

    Vedno znova vse po starem


    Ozelot , jaz sem šele kasneje izvedla za sončno nevihto…ampak me je že par dni tako mal čudno metalo …od utrujenosti, pa kot, da nisem čist na tleh ..pač po domače zmešana ko kuraBig smile.

    Sicer je bila tudi polna luna ..ampak na to sem ponavadi imunaWink.
    skratka mogoče je to ..eni ljudje smo mal bolj občutljivi ..na vreme itd itd …

    strelka2012-03-13 15:08:39

    Lepo je če deliš

    Ozelot, mogoče pa bo treba kak šnicl maznit :P

    Lepo je če deliš

    skipper wrote: Ozelot, mogoče pa bo treba kak šnicl maznit :P

    haha žitni, sojin al krompirjev?

    Lepo je če deliš

    Vedno znova vse po starem



    Takšen, ki ima več železa v sebi…Embarrassed.
    Lepo je če deliš

    Lahko pa tud …pač ješ špinačo iz kopriv ….pa pire krompir zraven.Big smile

    Nekateri si pa naredijo tud sok …presni .Drugače pa kopriva razstruplja telo.
    če že zrezkov ne maraš, je to dobra alternativa …meso vsebuje veliko železa in B12…
    če ga nam ga primanjkuje smo tud lahko utrujeni…

    strelka2012-03-13 20:02:21

    Lepo je če deliš

    ozelot wrote:

    A je še kdo tako nesmiselno zmatran kt jest? Zdej par dni mam trenutke take utrujenosti da tud opisat ne znam…

    Moram pa reč, da sem psiho-emocialno zelo pozitivno-stabilno naštelan.

    Ker mislim da obvladaš angleško ti kar prilepim ta text; mogoče ugotoviš, da je tvoja pozitivna-stabilna naštelanost pravilna.. Wink
    Vglavnem veliko je danes teh napotkov ”prve pomoči” zaradi naše kristalinske transformacije..
    tu je ena taka..

    ~The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis~

    by Love Reporter Celia Fenn

    have been asked by Archangel Michael to write this article in order to
    help the many people who undergo the experience of a rapid shift into
    multi-dimensional awareness, or, the shift from the Indigo state to the
    Crystal state of consciousness.

    There are
    people who make the transition in a relatively gentle way, but there
    are many who experience a crisis when this happens. These are usually
    the people who have chosen to open up to the higher dimensions. This
    choice is not made logically by the rational mind, but is rather a soul
    choice made in response to the available transitional energies of the
    Earth herself. So, sometimes a person is thrust into psychological,
    emotional and bodily changes for which they can find no logical
    explanation. This can cause a crisis. My experience has been that
    orthodox doctors and psychologists are of very little help as they have
    no idea of what the person is experiencing. When tests come back
    negative, the person is often considered to be hysterical or ungrounded
    or even schizophrenic.

    This transition
    often happens to people who have been on spiritual paths and are better
    equipped to handle the shifts. But, my experience is also that Indigo
    Children, no matter what their state of spiritual awareness, are
    particularly vulnerable to the spontaneous experience of transiton or
    breakthough to the awareness of higher dimensions. I must also add that
    the use of any kinds of drugs, fairly common among Indigo adolescents,
    quite often precipitates this transitonal crisis before the person is
    really ready to deal with the effects.

    Below are a list of the symptoms experienced in the process of crisis or breakthrough:

    • Sudden
      extreme sensitivity to people and environments. A person who has
      previously been sociable and active suddenly finds they can’t bear to be
      in shopping malls or in crowded environments such as restaurants.
    • An
      increase in psychic ability and awareness. This most often manifests in
      the ability to almost “hear” the inner thoughts and feelings of others.
      This can be disconcerting if the person imagines that everyone else can
      also read their thoughts and feelings. Also an extreme sensitivity to
      negative energy in certain environments or people, including the
      inability to tolerate certain people who had previously been close.
    • This
      increased sensitivity can lead to panic attacks or anxiety attacks.
      These can occur at any time, even when the person wakes up at night.
      Often there is no valid reason for the attack, although the person will
      often seek to find a reason.
    • The person might
      also find themselves “zoning out” for long periods of time, just wanting
      to sit and do nothing. This can be irritating to someone who has
      previously been very energetic and active. This is just the
      consciousness adjusting to spending more time in the higher dimensions
      and less time in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Related to this is the need
      to rest and sleep for far longer than previously, and a general slowing
    • Obssessive anxieties about humans being
      destroyed (by pollution, lack of resources, aliens, technology etc).
      This is because multi-dimensional consciousness can access all levels of
      the group mind, including that part which holds the fears and anxieties
      about the survival of the species. Since the person is often concerned
      about their own survival, they tend to resonate with this part of the
      group mind or morphogenetic field.
    • An
      obssessive need to understand what is happening, leading to the mind
      becoming overactive and the person fearing they are losing it or
      suffering from “burn-out”. Also a fear of going mad and being unable to
      cope with everyday life in the future. Again, psychologists and doctors
      seem able to offer very little help.
    • Depression
      for no reason, or related to the crisis state. This is often just the
      consciousness clearing out old layers of energy that need to be
      released. It is not necessary to “process” or relive the experience,
      just allow the body to release the energy. Have patience with the
      process and know that it will pass.
    • Disrupted
      sleep patterns, often waking up to 3 times a night, or just at about
      3am. Again this is just the consciousness adapting to new cycles of
      activity. Higher consciousness is often more active at night since the
      lower dimensions are quiet at this time.
    • Feeling
      strange electrical energy waves through the body. The Crystal body is
      incredibly sensitive, and feels solar and lunar waves, cosmic waves, and
      energies from the galactic centre. Often these energies are assisting
      in the process of “rewiring” the body to carry higher energies. Speaking
      from experience, I know how uncomfortable this can be. But the body
      eventually acclimates to dealing with these energy waves. You will
      probably find them to be more intense around Full Moon. The best way I
      have found of dealing with this phenomenon is to go outside and stand
      barefoot on the ground and imagine the energy running through your body
      and into the earth.
    • A whole range of physical
      sensations and experiences, usually related to detoxification. The
      Crystal body holds no toxins, but allows everything to pass through it.
      In fact the eventual trick to being Crystal is just to allow everything
      to pass through and hold onto nothing. The ultimate state of detachment.
      But at this stage the body needs to release years of “toxic” waste,
      whether physical, emotional or mental The release is always through the
      physical body, which presents symptoms such as intense fatigue, muscle
      and joint pains especially in the hips and knees, headaches, especially
      at the base of the skull, and neck and shoulder pains.
    • Dizziness
      and “spaciness”. This is because you are in “higher” states of
      consciousness. You need to get used to being at these levels and staying
      grounded at the same time. These sensations tend to increase with solar
      flares and full moons as well.
    • Increased appetite and putting on weight. This is because the body needs huge amounts of energy to power this process.
    • The
      ability to see beyond the veils. That is, to become aware of spirits,
      devas,E.Ts and angels as a reality and to communicate with these. This
      can be very frightening if the person is not accustomed to this kind of
      other dimensional awareness.

    Coping Skills for the Transition:

    best advice I can give is to be accepting of the process and do not
    resist. My own transition has been going on for nearly 18 months. I
    found that the key was acceptance. I kept hoping that I was going to
    wake up one day and feel “normal” again. It was only when I accepted
    that I would never again feel “normal” as I knew it, that I was better
    able to feel more comfortable in my new space and to cope better. Then
    you can begin to explore the adventure or the positive side of this new

    Below are some tips for dealing with the transitional crisis:

    • Be
      at peace with what is happening to your being. You are becoming a
      Crystal being. Another term for this is a “Christed being”, which refers
      to a mutli-dimensional being with full access to 9 dimensions, and
      maybe even 13. My experience at this point is that some people only open
      to 5D, others go through to 6D. If you make it through to 6D then you
      will probably achieve full 9D awareness in this lifetime, if not in the
      very near future. What a privilege and a blessing!!

    • Be
      kind to yourself and nurture yourself. Remember, as a Crystal being you
      carry an equal balance of the “mother” energy and the “father” energy.
      The mother says, nurture yourself as you would a new-born baby, for in
      fact that is what you are. You will need time to grow in strength and
      learn the skills of your new environment. Trust is very important here. I
      made the transition as a single self-supporting person in my own
      business with very little resources. I was terrified that my physical
      state would prevent me from earning enough to survive. But I was held
      though the process, and still have my home and I have always had enough
      although there have been some close calls.

    • Don’t
      take drugs of any kind if you can help help it. Obviously if you are on
      medication for your health then you will need to continue. But do not
      take recreational drugs of any kind, these will aggravate the process
      and you could get lost “out there” in the higher dimensions. Also try to
      cope without anti-depressants or tranqulizers, although again if you
      are on these you will need medical advice and should not just stop them.
      The best path to take is to use homeopathic and naturopathic medicine,
      and I have found that Flower Essences are very helpful as well.

    • Avoid
      crowds and crowded places. I have perfected the art of the weekly one
      hour shopping “blitz” in order to care for my needs while not spending
      too long in tiring and toxic environments. Gradually you will be able to
      tolerate more and more exposure to these environments. The key here, of
      course, is to hold your own peace and harmony so strongly that instead
      of you being affected by the environment, you in fact affect the
      environment in positive ways. The Crystal person always holds and
      carries positive energy, but you will learn to use it in incredibly
      powerful ways once you have gained your balance and are able to move
      among people again with ease.
    • Stay
      grounded and centred. This can be very challenging for those who are
      acclimating to higher dimensional awareness. You will often feel dizzy
      and spaced. But try to pay full attention to the physical and grounded
      aspects of life. The key here is to spend time on exercise, walking,
      food and artistic occupations. Don’t spend hours in front of the TV or
      lost in computer games. These will only serve to increase the

    • Spend
      as much time as you can in Nature. You will find spending time in fresh
      air and sunlight will assist to strenghten the new bodies. Also the
      devas are there to support your processes.
    • Eat
      simply and eat as much fresh vegetables and fruit as possible. I have
      been told by guidance that brown rice and vegetables are the best kind
      of food for this new body. However, indulge your cravings – mine have
      ranged from calamari to chocolate cake. This is not the time to diet.
      Your body needs huge amounts of nourishment to fuel the processes you
      are passing though. You may even put on weight, but you will need to
      accept that this is part of the transition.

    • Finally
      – Celebrate your transition. You are becoming a Galactic human, the
      next step in human evolution! You are entering into your birthright.


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    “Synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

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