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    Skupaj se bomo miljoni po vsem Svetu odprli
    galaktičnemu prilivu na Zemljo in se bomo zavestno in obredno odprli temu, kaj že nekaj časa
    čutimo, da prihaja.. v dnevih 20.,21.,22.,23. pa se bomo povezali z direktnim snopom, ki se bo
    zgodil ob poravnavi planetov in našega Osončja z našo Galaksijo in se hote ali nehote
    pridružili globalnemu dogodku vseh časov.. Heart Heart Heart


    Tukaj podajam še eno objavo iz poplave objav za globalno meditacijo:

    Povezovanja na 21.12.2012 so navajana ob različnih urah in tudi po časovnih pasovih..
    Najpogostejša ura je 11:11, 12:11 in tudi mnogo drugih..

    Lepo je če deliš

    “Synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”


    Vrjetno že veste, da poteka 21.dec. 1.vseslovenska vstaja, no tukaj pa se organizira še energetska protiutež in sicer sredi vsega đumbusa se nameravajo po sloveniji narediti meditacije.. Smile
    In sicer:

    Flash Mob Meditacija za Slovenijo, 21.12.2012, ob 18.50.

    Ljubljana: ploščad Cankarjevega doma
    Nova Gorica: ploščad med knjižnico in gledališčem

    Vsi tisti, ki želite na miren način prispevati k demonstracijam, tisti,
    ki meditirate ali pa si to samo želite, se nam priključite na 1.
    vsesplošni meditaciji za Slovenijo.

    V meditacijo sedemo točno ob 18.50, 3-krat zapojemo OM in končamo ob 19.10 s 3-krat OM (OM naznani začetek meditacije).

    S seboj prinesite podlogo za tla in dober namen za Slovenijo.

    Delite z vsemi, ki želijo Sloveniji napredek, vsak posameznik šteje!

    Meditacija enega človeka dokazano pomiri okolico v radiju 50 metrov. Več nas bo, dlje bomo segli!

    … “
    povezava za fb dogodek:

    Tukaj je pa še ena stran WellBe kjer je objavljenih že nekaj organiziranih dogodkov za datum 21.12.2012..

    Lepo je če deliš

    “Synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”


    WORLD-WIDE at 11:11 am GMT



    Video Day of the Contact: – thank you Smaly7!

    It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world
    in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as
    individuals and couples, at the exact time of solstice, at the end of
    the Mayan 5125 year cycle, on December 21st. On that day, a powerful
    flash of energy from the Galactic Central Sun will reach the Earth and
    trigger long lasting changes. Masses will gather on that day and in

    the presence and intervention of our positive extraterrestrial Star
    brothers and sisters that will assist us in the process of liberation of
    our planet from the tyranny of the dark forces so that for the first
    time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as
    free citizens of the Earth.

    Our mass effort on this day will
    be the trigger that will help to activate the Plan so that it may come
    to its fruition. Our activation on that day is our declaration of
    Victory of the Light. Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post
    it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet,
    you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local
    group of people dong this in your part of the world. You can create a
    video about this and post it on Youtube.

    The critical mass for
    this activation to have desired effect is about 118,000 people worldwide
    actually doing it with focus. If we consider that human concentration
    skills are not perfect, we need 144,000 people as the critical mass.

    But to read about it is one thing and actually participate is
    completely another. I would encourage as many people as possible to
    actually participate, although it may be in the early morning hours in
    your part of the world.

    We will all be doing this
    activation at the same time, the moment of the winter/sommer solstice,
    which comes on December 21st, 2012 at 11:11 am GMT. Exact times for
    different time zones are:

    1:11 am HAST (Hawaii)
    2:11 am AKST (Alaska)
    3:11 am PST (Los Angeles)
    4:11 am MST (Denver)
    5:11 am CST (Houston)
    6:11 am EST (New York)
    9:11 am BRST (Rio de Janeiro)
    11:11 am GMT (London)
    12:11 pm CET (Paris)
    1:11 pm SAST (South Africa)
    1:11 pm EET (Bulgaria)
    1:11 pm EET (Cairo)
    3:11 pm MSK (Moscow)
    4:41 pm IST (India)
    7:11 pm CST (Beijing)
    8:11 pm JST (Tokyo)
    10:11 pm EDT (Sydney)

    If your place is not listed, you can find world time zones map here:


    1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.
    Connect with our main activation group on the Giza plateau in Egypt and
    with many other groups worldwide so that we create One being in action.

    2. There are many ships of positive ET civilizations surrounding the
    Earth, literally covering the sky in all locations and altitudes. Those
    ships are not visible to the naked eye because they are cloaked so the
    Cabal would not detect them. Choose a ship that is directly above your
    location and connect energetically with beings within that ship in
    whatever way works for you.

    3. Visualize a pilar of brilliant
    white Light descending from the ship directly through your body to the
    center of the Earth. Now invite that ship to descend, hover directly
    above you and make contact with you in whatever way suitable. Ask the
    beings in that ship to assist humanity in the liberation process. Make
    an unconditional decision for Disclosure and First Contact and
    communicate this to them. If 144,000 of us do that, great things are

    4. You might get a strong energy response, but be
    prepared that any form of physical contact may happen as well. Stay in
    Oneness with beings from that ship for some time.

    If you wish
    to take the contact with your chosen ship to a more advanced level, you
    can use CE-5 protocols developed by Dr. Steven Greer. To receive
    instructions, you can join a CE-5 group here:


    a) The date of this activation (December 21st) is likely NOT the date when the Event will be taking place

    b) The date of this activation (December 21st) is NOT the date when the
    official First Contact / Mass Landings will be taking place

    The date of this activation (December 21st) is absolutely NOT the date
    when any of the negative scenarios (polar shift, catastrophic Earth
    changes, two suns, any major Cabal’s flase flag events, etc) will be
    taking place

    Additional information about the time of completion before December 21st:

    On December 12th, nine days before the end of the cycle, another portal
    will open. The portal of 12:12:12 is the final portal of synthesis and
    integration of all our lifetimes on Earth and a necessary preparation
    for our main activation on December 21st. On that day, an important
    victory of the Light forces will be achieved. All details about that
    victory are still classified as of now. December 12th is a very good day
    to join any of mass meditation groups around the planet as this will
    prepare you more for December 21st.

    On December 12th, asteroid
    4179 Toutatis will pass quite close to Earth. The passage of this
    asteroid will trigger the energy of synthesis and will NOT produce any
    cataclysmic events:

    Time period between December 17th and December 21st is the final
    completion period. December 17th is the last major peak of the timewave
    as you can see on this graph:

    December 18th is the date every year when our physical Sun conjuncts
    the Galactic Central Sun. This conjunction sends a powerful flash of
    energy from the central Sun every year and it usually last a few days.
    This year, it will be just a prelude to the main energy flash on the

    Interestingly, the time frame between December 17th and 21st is also the period of intense particle experiments at CERN:

    This is the last desperate attempt of the Cabal to prevet the opening
    of the Portal on December 21st. Needless to say, their attempt will NOT
    be successful, in fact these experiments will give an additional boost
    to the opening of the portal!

    If you look at the astrological
    chart for December 21st, you will see a yod configuration pointing from
    Saturn at 9 degrees Scorpio, Venus at 7 degrees Sagittarius and Pluto at
    9 degrees Capricorn, towards Jupiter at 9 degrees Gemini. What is
    significant with this yod configuration is that Venus is conjunct
    Antares opposing Jupiter conjunct Aldebaran. Antares-Aldebaran axis is a
    filament inside the Galactic network of Light which signifies the final
    completion of the Galactic wars, end of duality and final victory of
    the Light in this Galaxy. Together with Venus and Jupiter, this is a
    very good sign for our planet on December 21st.

    Lepo je če deliš

    “Synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”


    Zgornji dolgi post je uprizorjen v prijetni 8-minutni video povezavi Wink

    Lepo je če deliš

    “Synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”


    Na internetnem radiu Awakening Zone bosta gosta oddaje:
    Linda in Geoffrey Hoppe, soustanovitelja radia Awakening zone,
    ustanovitelja Crimson Circle in medija za Adamus Saint-Germaina.
    Vedno izjemno zanimiva sogovornika, z izjemno modrostjo in duhovitostjo..

    prenos bo danes ob 20:00h
    Oddaja bo direkt prevajana v slovenski jezik..

    Lepo je če deliš

    “Synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”


    glas wrote:

    prenos bo danes ob 20:00h

    Hvala, glas, za priporočilo Smile. Oddajo sem aktivno so-poslušala in stare blokade so šle away Wink.
    Se mi danes kar poklapljajo podobne aktivnosti iz “vseh vetrov” Approve. Pravzaprav zanimivo LOL
    Lepo je če deliš

    Irena wrote:

    Hvala, glas, za priporočilo Smile. Oddajo sem aktivno so-poslušala in stare blokade so šle away Wink.
    Se mi danes kar poklapljajo podobne aktivnosti iz “vseh vetrov” Approve. Pravzaprav zanimivo LOL

    Prosim, ni kaj.. Smile
    Jaz sem ujel prvo četrtino in zadnjo stotino.. Smile
    Prespani del pa me je nato čakal v obliki zapiskov, ki mi je v skrbi za mojo osveščenost beležila moja nežnejša polovica.. Wink

    Lepo je če deliš

    “Synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

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