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calm down Big smile so ful solarne nevihte te dni..vpliv je extra močen, vsaj sama čutim neverjetno.. 11. junij
The two X class solar flares today are graded X2.2 and X1.5 for those that love a good scientific and mathematical explanation for what they are feeling energetically. X class are the most powerful flares, and an X2 is double the power of an X1.

Today feels all the better for it as we experience a huge release of energetic and emotional pressure that we’ve felt building for days without knowing why. These flaresmade a lot of people feel like all their buttons were being pushed over the last few days, and you should start feeling a lot calmer very soon if you aren’t already!! Although that said, more X class flares are expected in the coming days so enjoy the calm while it’s here!
Lepo je če deliš