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“Bullsh*t” is a far better word than “rationalization”, but they mean the same. “Rationalization” is a clinical word – a word to be used by the professor; “bullsh*t” is more alive. “Rationalization” is bloodless; “bullsh*t” is very young, alive and kicking. But the meaning is the same; they are not different things.

The culture society was organizing a group to be comprised strictly of virgins, when a young lady carrying a baby appeared.
“But, madam” protested the president “that is evidence that you are not eligible for this society. Why do you think you will be able to join?”
“I was only foolin´ around when this happened,” she explained.

“Rationalization” is a philosophical term. “Bullsh*t” comes from the ordinary man, from the masses, people who live on the earth, with the earth, whose hands are muddy. The word “bullsh*t” is also muddy as it is being used by people who are working and living the ordinary life. It does not come from the ivory towers of a university. And it is more authentic, it says much more than “rationalization.” Words that are coined by professors are always anemic. They are dead words – clinical, but do not say much; rather than saying, they hide. Let me say it in this way, the very word “rationalization” is a rationalization: it is being used to avoid the word “bullsh*t.”

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