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Ozelot ..prav prijazna pa tale mačka res ni ….

Manila je mesto na Filipinih se mi zdi ….
leopard. majhna mačka..mal poglej simboliko te živali ….se lahko premika v ponoči in pa podnevi , je zelo gibčna in zelo napadalnaBig smile
Torej se lahko premika med svetovi …samo ne vem pa a je v njej demon ali je dober…
Magija ..vpliv lune .
Jaguar ..vpliv sonca.Big smile
No bom pa jaz …sam bom kar takole …
The keywords of the most revered and most mysterious predator in Central and South America are Power, Authority, Courage and Twilight. This animal plays such an important role in Mesoamerican mythology, dating all the way back to the Olmec, that he is not only an animal, but the nahualli of the most powerful of the Aztec gods – Tezcatlipoca. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Not only is Jaguar the nahualli of a deity, but Jaguar is a deity himself (Tepeyollotl). It was Jaguar that created the First Sun and it is Jaguar, according to legend, that will be present at the destruction of the Fifth Sun (our present era).

When Jaguar appears, there is tremendous power at work just under the surface of your own skin. Others may feel it and their reactions will tell you something about who they are. Those who are confident in their own flesh will welcome you as an equal. Those who lack such confidence will find reasons to avoid you, or even conduct petty campaigns against you out of fear. The flip side is that Jaguar’s power must be utilized with integrity and grace, or it will become a negative influence instead of a positive one.

Remember, an animal totem is a channel that can be directed by your heart. If your heart is gripped by self-doubt or self-loathing, fear or rage, Jaguar’s power will contribute to and strengthen that negative energy.

While Jaguar represents the power of the Sun, Ocelot represents the power of the Moon. It’s keywords are Secrets, HIdden Things, Mysteries, and the Unknown. Ocelots hunt only at night, and are rarely observed. Their hunting pattern is to stay in areas of dense shrub or thick cover. Their name is derived from the Nahuatl word ocelotl, which implies the cover of night, or secrecy.

If Ocelot appears in a reading, then secrecy is a requirement for whatever the issue is. For those involved in the practice of magic, secrecy is the 4th key leading to manifestation. When one talks about a goal beforehand, it robs energy from that goal. The practice of secrecy maintains creative tension and the subconscious mind works that much harder to manifest what is desired. Contrary Ocelot may indicate that secrets are being kept from you, and further investigation would be warranted.

Tepeyollotl is the god of magic and foresight. His name means “Heart of the Mountain” and he is the deified form of Jaguar. The priests of Tepeyollotl had two main abilities: to shape-shift and to forsee the future. The folk legends of the were-jaguar originated long before the Aztec empire . Images of the man-jaguar are seen on Olmec pottery and sculpture from thousands of years ago.

If the God of Magic has made an appearance in your reading, learn the triad of Will (the focus of the mind), Desire (the focus of the heart) and Imagination (the creative womb that ultimately shapes our actions). Apply all three elements simultaneously, and magic is born!

Če ne drugega je pa zanimivo prebrati…Big smile

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Lepo je če deliš