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Ego finds the tasks that he cannot ever finish.. so he can be on the path “trying to finish” and it can be on that path of trying forewer.. and that is the masterplan of ego!
To try indefinitely toward the goals he cannot achieve.. it is the only way for him to justify its existence. Without endless struggles, the meaning for his existence would be lost.
That is also the reason why he likes to do a lot of spiritual things with a lot of rules, a lot of mechanical repetitions, meditations, spiritual praxis with strict rules, which bother him a lot and require from him a lot of effort.. And he naturally does a lot of mistakes trying to follow this unnatural rules.. but it doesn’t matter, he will do much better next time “he said”.. …
So endless repetition of something unnatural, with a lot of struggles toward the goals he cannot ever accomplish.. the story of ego..
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“Synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”