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NASA Video Appears To Show A Gigantic Object Coming Out Of The Sun

A NASA video shows a gigantic shape emerging from the sun. The event was spotted on helioviewer.org, a website launched by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) to give regular people access to images and data from the sun. Archived images go back as far as 15 years.

The video clearly depicts a massive object exiting the sun and moving away quickly. It is shaped like a butterfly and manages to maintain a consistent structure as it moves away from the sun. Whilst some have speculated that it a normal solar ejection of some sort, such as a flare, it does not seem to match any known patterns consistent with a flare or any other usual solar activity.

Is our Sun a stargate?
The object is expansive, estimated to be as much as 100 times the size of Earth. The video has led some to suggest that the sun itself may, in fact, be a portal between dimensions and realities, or perhaps just our own reality and it acts as a “Stargate”. This idea was introduced by a man named Corey Goode. He claims to have been working on classified and secret space programs for many years, and that those programs have been in operation for even longer than his employment- such as the Warden Space Program thought to have begun in the 1980’s.

Darren Perks, an investigative researcher with Huffington post was informed by the Department of Defence that “Solar Warden” was indeed a program but had been shut down. Other theorists have pointed to the findings of Gary Mckinnon who gained access to Air Force Space Command and believes he read information suggesting an extraterrestrial presence in “Solar Warden”.

Whatever the explanation behind the strange butterfly emission is, the video itself is real. Perhaps in the future, more light will be shed on its origin and if it has any connection to alien life outside our solar system.

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