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Portal Of Light Ceremonies: 21st, 22nd & 23rd Dec, Via Video Stream/Teleconference


Portal Of Light – 3 Days Of Ceremony

21st, 22nd & 23rd Dec, 11.45am CST Each Day

Via Live Video Stream/Teleconference

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Portal Of Light – 3 Days Of Ceremony
21st, 22nd & 23rd Dec, 11.45am CST Each Day

Via Live Video Stream/Teleconference

As this pinnacle time in history continues and the December 21st
gateway opens, we invite you to travel together with us through 3 days
of immense energy waves that will open a ‘Remembering’
like none other. The key then is not falling back into unconsciousness
and forgetting what you received/remembered during this portal.

“This is why I have asked the Ascended Masters to assist us
during these three days to anchor as much love/energy as possible, and
to support each of us in our individual and collective awakening.” –

Know this truth: You ‘will’ receive of this portal of light, yet will you remember what you received and apply it in your life as you birth into a new age of consciousness?

Remember, this is probably the most important time in your existence!

With the Ascended Masters support, our group collective will become
an anchor for ‘Remembering’ and inspire us to take the action required
to embody and live our lives from this ‘Rememberence.’ We will also be a
beacon to support others on the planet so this energy of ‘Remembering’
will stay open and active during this new reality.

We invite you to join us for these 3 incredible days.

Investment for this series $111

PLEASE NOTE: These calls
must all be attended live and there will be no recordings as this
energetic work will be happening in the moment only – the Universe has
its own timing when a portal opens.

Ashamarae is reminding us all that ‘this time’ (12/21-12/23; ‘The end of time as we know it and the beginning of a new age.’) is probably the single most important time in our lives and is one of the biggest events we all came here for, so your full commitment and presence to these dates & times is essential.

Thank you for being here

Awakening From Within

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: For instructions on how to access the video stream/receive the teleconference call details please click here.

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